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So you love swimming but find buying swimwear a real challenge? Join the club!

Shapewear and coverup swimwear

My name is Diane Holmes. as a full time sailor I love swimming, especially here in the Caribbean, but I hate buying and wearing conventional swimwear! 

Speaking to other women I found I was not alone in my agony and that got me thinking – is there a way to change this negative experience into a positive one?

Well, that’s a tall order, but after searching on the internet, sketching many ideas and speaking to more women, I believe I have found a solution which I am happy to live with and to share with you here on Swim Bliss.

That solution is, quite simply to mix and match – Mix & Max – different swimwear pieces to achieve the amount of cover you are wanting.

Not yet being in the position to make my own swimwear, I have discovered some truly top quality swimwear manufacturers from which I have handpicked a select and diverse range of swimwear to share with you.

Hope to catch you on the beach sometime, somewhere soon!


It’s Time To Take The Plunge!

Bikini Luxe luxury fashionable trendy swimwear
Looking for a wide selection of swimwear to mix and match with the Swim Bliss swim skirts and leggings? On trend and fashionable two piece and one piece swimwear to satisfy anyone’s swimbliss desires.
Hydrochic adventure and outdoor living swimwear 50+ SPF
From Israel with love! For the adventurer who wants to climb a mountain and plunge into a mountain pool without changing gear there are swim skirts, swim pants and leggings and tops to choose from all offering sun protection 50+ SPF.

Bohn swimwear from the UK quality modesty and coverup swimwear.
Made in the UK this elegant, quality range of swimwear offers a lot of Swim Bliss mix and match opportunities teamed with Bikini Luxe and Ujena.
Made in the USA. For a wide selection of sexy, feminine swimwear, tops and bottoms sold separately, swimdresses, swim skirts and conventional swimwear to mix and match - ujena has it all!
Made in the USA, vibrant colors, primal prints, fun loving and stylish collection of trending swimwear with many mix and match options to choose from. Offers large sizes.

Designer Picks

yellow swim skirt
Bright and sunny Ujena swim skirt $49
black vintage one piece swimsuit
La Noir Gabrielle one piece, vintage swimsuit $179
designer bikini armour
Armor full cover bikini, designer $90
denim swim skirt and leggings
Denim swim skirt and leggings Hydrochic $80

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 💖 Buying ethically manufactured swimwear may cost more, but remember if you don’t pay someone else does, with their sweat and tears.💖

Thank you for supporting my hard work with your purchases! Swim Bliss participates in affiliate programs and whether you buy through Swim Bliss or the home site the price stays the same. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Some of the images are kindly provided by Life of Pix  and Unsplash. Images worked and manipulated with Canva, Pixlr & the GIMP