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Sea trials for Bohn’s, light as air 3/4 swim leggings $39.13

Do you know that feeling of heart-dropping-into-the soles-of-your-feet dread at the thought of putting on swimwear? I know I do. The thought of wearing what amounts to a bra and panty or even a small vest combined with panty in the case of a tankini or one piece in public is enough to put me off swimming in public areas.

Of course that is exactly where the Olympic sized, infinity pools and vast expanses of endless white sand beaches are to be found.

My vision for Swim Bliss is to free the thousands of us suffering from feeling that awful dread and instead provide us with gorgeously feminine swimwear so we can enjoy swimming again.

To achieve this I did extensive research into what is currently available and the closest I found is not very inspiring – coverup, modesty and even vintage swimwear.

Oh dear! What about sexy, feminine even revealing and yet concealing swimwear?

This got me thinking and as a creative, an artist, designer type person I turned my hand to designing swimwear I feel will offer what is missing. That was not too difficult to do.

My requirements:

  • I want a revealing bustline instead of a throat choking collar.
  • I want an open back.
  • I want figure hugging with support.
  • I want fabric art that guides the eye away from the outline – so blurs the outline which gives a slimming effect.
  • I want frills and bling darnit!

Sadly, maddeningly, heart breakingly it is one thing to have an idea, draw up the design, create a sell sheet and another to actually get it made and launched into the world especially when you’re sailing the seven seas on a shoe string as a full time sea gypsy.

Right now the closest I can get to my original Swim Bliss design is by combining or mixing & matching available cover up and modesty swimwear pieces with conventional swimwear. Warning! Swimwear offering cover is designed to c-o-v-e-r extensively. The fabric is UPF 50+ and the colours are solid and can be mistaken for exercise gear – if not even used as exercise gear.

I’ve been very lucky to find swimwear manufacturers like Bohn in the UK and Hydrochic in Isreal who make ethically produced, top quality coverup and modesty swimwear which I have combined with the likes of Ujena – Proudly Made in USA and the Bikiniluxe  conventional swimwear ranges, both awesome and extensive collections of designer swimwear.

Between these four swimwear manufacturers I promise there are enough choices to satisfy anyone’s swimwear needs.

In a hurry? Confused by all the coices? To make it easier for you to find your perfect fit, I’ve used my designer’s eye for color, pattern, and cut to assemble slimming, feminine, revealing / concealing Swim Bliss-ful swimwear combinations. These are my mix & max – mix and have maximum effect, design boards.

Is this a compromise? Yes for now it is until I can get my swimwear idea adopted by a swimwear manufacturer with an eye for a good thing .

Most importantly you can now walk on a tropical beach or around a public pool without a sliver of concern!

With fondest wishes for happy swims!

Beach ball games are the best with Bohn swim leggings!

Photo credit: Grenadian photographer  Johnnie Reynolds kindly shot these photos of me on a hidden, gloriously deserted beach in Grenada.


Now go get your Swim Bliss on!

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