Mix & Max – Mix for Maximum Effect!

Looking for swimwear to conceal just a little more?  – Look no further!

My Mix & Max design boards make it easy to mix and match.

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Montce - Nala Crop Top
Agua Bendita - Alexandra

Agua Bendita - Caravana
UjENA Tankini

Your Mix & Max options are simply astounding!

You’ve never had it this easy finding perfect swimwear !

Hot tip – What I look for when I choose swimwear for the ultimate Swim Bliss effect.

  • Lines  – where do they take your eyes? You don’t want to emphasize the outline and expand the overall picture. No! Unless you’re tiny and want to look bigger, let’s keep the lines focused in the center of the suit.
  • Colors – bold colors can be groovy, but also come with a body expanding effect – to be handled carefully, or mixed-and-matched with a more subdued color!
  • Patterns – again where do the patterns take your eyes? Is the pattern uniform? Are there brighter patches of design in between? Always look for the overall, seen from a distance effect before buying.

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